Reply dated July 17, 2001,
from Sandra Roderick , PDER,
to Dr. Ben Oostdam

In  response to your questions:

1 - Waste permit is valid for ten years.

2 - As a general answer, yes, state law and regulations can be more stringent than federal law and regulations.

3. - There are sixteen people registered to testify at the hearing; I do not yet have a list of names.

4. - Tomorrow night is a formal hearing, as you requested; The format will be that each person has ten minutes to present their testimony; A stenographer will be present; The hearing will be transcribed and all testimony relevant to the application will be addressed in a written document.  The document generally is completed one to two months following the close of the comment period; A copy of the response document will be sent to everyone who testifies.
There will not be a question and answer session tomorrow night.

5 - There will not be either an email or written summery of the application available.; We will, however, give a brief overview of the application prior to starting the hearing.

BLO fecit 200107171408